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3 Great Membership Options

Check out our basic, plus, and premium membership offers. Visitor passes are available for $10/day, $30/ week, or an 8 pack for $65. A 20% discounted membership is available to Police, Firefighters, Military, Corrections, Border, Customs and CVPH Employees.

Basic Membership Pricing

Basic members enjoy use of all Cardio/Strength Equipment, Live and Virtual Group Exercise Studio Classes (in Eclipse), Sauna and Steam Room.

Monthly: $50

Add a Family Member: $25

12 Month Contract: $42

Add a Family Member: $21

Plus Membership Pricing

Plus membership includes all that the basic membership has to offer plus virtual on-demand classes at home or anywhere using your mobile app and member login.

Monthly: $59

Add a Family Member: $30

12 Month Contract: $51

Add a Family Member: $26

Premium Membership Pricing

Premium members includes all that the plus membership has to offer and massage chairs, pool, and on property business discounts at Perkins Restaurant, Plattsburgh Brewing Company, and Champy’s Fun City. Frequency on massage chairs and pool available at the front desk. (Subject to Change at Management Discretion)

Monthly: $68

Add a Family Member: $34

12 Month Contract: $59

Add a Family Member: $30

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Try Us for 3 Days FREE!

FREE Orientation Program for Every Member

Almost every newcomer to exercise needs to acquire knowledge of the basics of cardiovascular and resistance training coupled with good nutrition habits in order to achieve the results they hope for.



  1. An InBody Body Composition Scan and Analysis to determine your current body fat percentage and set a baseline against which your exercise and nutrition program can be objectively measured to determine if it is working for you.

  2. (2) half hour sessions with a personal trainer to discuss your goals and show you how to use the strength and cardio equipment. 

  3. A Nutrition Consultation with Karin Mulligan who is a certified group exercise instructor, personal trainer and Precision Nutrition Coach.

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