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Personal Training 

Our Approach

At Eclipse Fitness, we understand that everyone is unique. We create personalized training programs to meet YOUR individual needs.


Our personal training programs are centered on the THREE PILLARS OF FITNESS - Exercise - both cardio and strength training, Nutrition, and Coaching and Accountability. Our Accountability Program combines certified personal trainers and medical grade technology to objectively show you results from the exercise and nutrition prescriptions created specifically for YOU




Meet Our
Personal Trainers


  • 25+ years in the Fitness Industry

  • Certified Personal Trainer with ISSA

  • Certified group fitness instructor with ISSA

  • Certified Les Mills instructor

  • Certified Keiser Cycling Certification

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach


  • Certified Personal Trainer with NASM

  • NASM Speed, Agility, and Quickness Certification

  • NASM Bodybuilding Certification

  • 4 Year NCAA D3 Athlete


  • 25+ years in the Fitness Industry

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Pro Masters & Open Pro Bodybuilder

  • Associates of Applied Science Degree in
    Nutrition & Health Science

Fueled To Fit Nutrition Counseling

Our comprehensive weight loss program combines a supervised exercise program and individualized nutrition counseling to ensure being “fueled” with the right foods to aid in weight loss AND a healthy body.

Step 1: Assessment

We begin by assessing your current fitness level to provide a baseline to measure future progress. Depending on your goal, it can include the following:

  • Resting Metabolic Test to determine calories actual burned at resting state most accurately determined by Cardio Coach.

  • InBody Body Composition Analysis to determine your body fat percentage and estimate of your Resting Metabolic Rate.

Step 2: Exercise and Nutrition Rx

Develop a personalized exercise and nutrition program based on your body’s calorie burning capacity and fitness level. Your macronutrient recommendations will include recommending low energy high nutrient dense foods to help you lose fat and create a healthier YOU.

Step 3: Accountability

We will use medical grade technology to measure your adherence to the trainer’s exercise and nutrition prescription and to objectively evaluate your results - actual fat/muscle changes inside your arms, legs, and trunk.

Medical Grade Technology

Measured results for our proven methods.

InBody Body Composition Analyzer

Used by hospitals and doctors, body weight alone is a poor indicator of health. InBody scans 5 body parts (your limbs and trunk separately) and divides weight into water, muscle, and fat in each body segment. Your body fat percentage is a true indicator of health. We do an initial scan to set a baseline and repeat tests during your fitness journey to objectively determine results.

Cardio Coach

Our Cardio Coach can test the calories you burn at rest also known as your body’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). This is determined by a simple 10 minute breath test. Just sit back and breathe using Cardio Coach to measure your oxygen consumption. People burn approximately 5 calories per liter of oxygen consumed.


Cardio Coach can also give you the most complete Fitness Assessment available. A VO2 Max Test measures the amount of oxygen your heart, lungs, and vascular system uses at various levels of exercise intensity until those systems reach their maximum capability. Your VO2 Max the best way to determine your level of cardiovascular fitness.


MyZone, our wearable heart rate monitor, is 99.4% accurate compared to an EKG. It tracks heart rate, calories and exercise intensity in real time using five color coded personalized heart rate training zones. Your Effort Tile will appear on the screen at the club and on your phone, telling you how hard you're actually working and logs all of your activity in your online MyZone account. MyZone provides accountability by allowing your personal trainer to monitor adherence to your exercise prescription.

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Measured results for our proven methods.

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We are passionate about being a results driven fitness facility.

InBody Body Composition Analyzer

Member Pricing: $25 or 5/$100
Non-Member Pricing: $35 or 5/$150

Cardio Coach Metabolic Testing

Resting Metabolic Rate: $60
VO2 Sub Max

or Max Testing: $100

Single Session Pricing

45 Minute Session: $45

Bring a Buddy: $55

60 Minute Session: $55
Bring a Buddy: $66

3 Session Pricing

45 Minute Session: $120

Bring a Buddy: $150

60 Minute Session: $149
Bring a Buddy: $178

8 Session Pricing

45 Minute Session: $280

Bring a Buddy: $310

60 Minute Session: $374
Bring a Buddy: $448

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